New JOYO Bee Stock Category

New JOYO Bee Stock Category

We are very pleased to launch our JOYO Bee stock category online. So far It really has Been very popular!

Nothing wrong with these effects, maybe a crumpled box, or a scratched knob (Yikes!), no complaints at these savings!.. We test every pedal that we list here & they all work, either Dave or Lewis will have had a good old test of it in our showroom. It is hard 'work' testing them, but we have a shelf to clear, so please bookmark this page, grab a bargain, visit often & help us tidy up our messy stock room.The term New B-Stock is fairly open ended in the sense that it covers items that have been either ex-display from a JOYO UK trade show, or a catalogue return in terms of being ordered in error by a customer online. 

So if you aren't that fussed about the 'look' and want to feel yourself a little JOYO on a budget, bookmark the JOYO B stock page and grab one quick..
Payment can be made using paypal, or your card to pay, even better the postage can be a freebee too..

Grade A  - Products in our grade A category are regarded as good as new. Every item is checked personally by Dave or Lewis before we list it here. There are no signs of fault or damage. Original packaging may be missing, or damaged. 12 months warranty, excluding batteries is included.

Grade B - Ex-Display / Ex-Demonstration - The products we regard as grade B may have some marks on the unit and / or damaged packaging, specific details are in each description but all are in full working order. A 6 months warranty is provided, excluding batteries.

Warranty - Yes we guarantee that everything will work, everything is new.
A 3 months warranty is given and more details regarding the product

marks, or the state of the box will be at the top of each description.

so grab a JOYO B stock today, we promise you will not feel stung...

(see what we did....#puns.)


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