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I wasn't sure whether to buy a "big name" reverb pedal or a more budge...
Dave on 15/01/2018
excellent. excellent value for money
Gianfranco on 05/07/2016
This has been the only compressor on my board for years now. Use it when I use s...
Logan M on 05/07/2016
It is the best pedal I have. everything works properly and its sound quality is ...
Fern on 05/07/2016
The 'British' is an amp simulator, meant to enable you to produce the sound of a...
andy butler on 05/07/2016
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Visit JOYO Pedals at Leeds & Bradford Guitar Show

Visit JOYO Pedals at Leeds & Bradford Guitar Show

Sunday 25th September 2016 ! Visit JOYO audio UK at THE LEEDS BRADFORD GUITAR SHOW, 10am to 4.00pm. Lewis & Ryan will be in full effect on the JOYO stand and looking forward to meeting with effects enthusiasts in the area.

This is the biggest #guitar event in the region and is a rare opportunity to buy new #guitareffects and accessories at some special JOYO guitar show prices.

We are also taking a selection of our B stock JOYO & PXL, nothing wrong with them, a squashed box, or instructions missing.. So if you are looking for something good as new, we have all budgets covered.. Try out anything you want on our demo pedal boards, we have 2 boards racked out with our personal favourites. You are welcome to try out any pedal and feel free to ask us any questions, we will be happy to help you out with any pedal related enquiry.

The Show features more than 60 exhibitors and UK music shop / indie dealers with special show deals, workshops and new product demos. Many national and independent stores, luthiers and dealers are attending.

Last year we had a great time, some amazing gear on show and to buy on the day. We look forward to bringing the JOYO pedals back for more! Hope to see you all then.

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