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I own old Italian copy of AC30 and I can say, sound is really close. I like both...
Filip on 05/07/2016
Buy this instead. It has more gain than the OCD and it completely rocks. Brillia...
Glenn Mayo on 05/07/2016
My first day pedal still one of my favourites! It is a great pedal with heaps of...
Lincoln on 20/07/2016
Excellent pedal, built like a tank. Nice smooth sweep on the pots with a very us...
Adam on 16/07/2017
So, I'm using this pedal for more than two years. I'm using it mostly in effects...
Filip on 05/07/2016
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Manuals & FAQ

Guide - What do Guitar Effect Pedals do?
You may have heard some of these pedal types banded about, but want to know a little more what they sound like. Joyo has a huge range of guitar effects that cover a wide range of guitar effect types. So we thought we would give you a brief explanation of what the effects are, what these types of effect pedals mean and what they might just do for your guitar tone. If guitarists all had the same pedals on the same settings, we would all sound the same, so there is no right, no wrong, no ultimate pedal, the result of tone is subjective, a personal quest. You are the one who decides i..
PXL LIVE - MIDI Instructions Program Save Midi Trigger
MIDI SetupIn the PXL-Live’s MIDI setup you have the menu options MA and MB (showing the display as NA and NB, the letter n is displayed as a lower case letter, the upper case N us supposed to me an M).MA sends 2 separate MIDI messages when engaging the preset.MB sends 2 separate MIDI messages when putting the preset in BYPASSFor either MA or MB the menu options E1/A1/C1/n1 are controlling the FIRST message that is being sent, which can be either a program change of a continuous controller. E2/A2/C2/n2 set up the second message which can also be a PC or CC.MIDI ChannelsY..
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PXL LIVE - Main Menu Options
The PXL Live main menu options are:EH      Editing of the HIGH Loops, also known as Loop 2, or, if you are counting from 1-8, EH will edit loops 5-8.EL       Editing of the LOW Loops, also known as Loop 1, or, Loops 1-4 (from right to left on the PXL-Live)ET       Editing of the behavior of the two trigger outputs when selecting a preset.EB      Editing of the behavior of the two trigger outputs when switching the selected preset into BYPASSEM    ..
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PXL LIVE - Controller MIDI Functions
PXL LIVE - Controller MIDI Functions:The acronym MIDI stands for MUSICAL INSTRUMENT DIGITAL INTERFACE and was invented in 1983 to enable synthesizers to communicate with each other. Since then the MIDI language really hasn’t changed and is still a very effective way to have devices communicate with each other. MIDI has many more uses than just sending messages between keyboards and guitar gear. Mix Consoles use MIDI to store and control automation. Lighting systems also communicate via MIDI as well as many other devices that have adopted this language.MIDI is an 8 bit language, which b..
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