JOYO JF-304 Time Magic Delay Ironman Mini Guitar Effects Pedal

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JOYO JF-304 Time Magic Delay Ironman Mini Guitar Effects Pedal

The JOYO JF-304 Time Magic delay is a great sounding 'Analogue' style delay. A very simple control layout of Mix, Time & Repeat means you can set up your ideal delay in no time at all. With up to 600ms of delay there's enough time for almost any application. Due to it's Analogue styling it means on the repeats you'll get a little bit of high end rolled off on each repeat as well as a little low end. The repeats will also start to distort very slightly just like the old Analogue delays used to. You can get just one repeat as well if you wanted by turning the repeat control fully counter clockwise.

You could choose to have your Time Magic which is an Analogue style delay running into the front of the amp (like I would) or into the amps effects loop. By running it into the amps effects loop you will get a much 'cleaner' delay than if you ran it into the front of the amp. This is because you're delay signal isn't getting distorted by the amps preamp. I pefer to use any Analogue style delays infront of the amp as that is how they would have originally been used and I like the fact that it is a bit of a 'dirtier' delay when run infornt of the amp (thanks to the preamp distorting the signal) than it would be in the effects loop. This is how the original delay units like the WEM Copycat's would have been used. As a comparison I would run a Digital Delay, whose delays are intended to be as clean as possible and not distort, in the amps Effects Loop to keep it as clean as possible.

The JOYO Time Magic mini delay pedal is an analog sounding digital delay with all the great characteristics of a bucket brigade delay line (BBD). An impressive 600ms of max delay time and feedback that can be really pushed, achieve a huge range of your favourite delay sounds.

The JOYO Ironman pedals are very compact, versatile and housed in a solid metal case, with no compromise on the huge tones crammed inside. Flip your lid to keep your preferred tones protected, activate the pedal with True Bypass and the LEDs shine through, a very nice touch. The Ironman mini guitar pedal range are all supplied with 3M velcro and rubber pads for securing in place on your board.

True Bypass
Mix / Contrast
Delay Repeat
Delay Time

Powered by a 9v DC Adapter (not included)

Input Impedance:1M
Output Impedance:10K
Running Current 40mA
Power:DC 9V adapter (negative polarity)
Dimensions 73(L) * 43(W)* 50(H)mm

Dimensions :
7.3cm long
4.3cm wide
5 cm high

Weight : 220g

Joyo Time Magic Delay Pedal - Roy Fulton

Joyo Time Magic Delay Pedal - Roy Fulton



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