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Bleep-o-tron synthesiser kit
A sound synthesiser using a dsPIC digital signal processor. Every MadLab kit includes a professiona..
Electronic Bagpipes - 8 tones
The Bagpipes Kit is capable of producing eight different tones from about 5kHz (5000 cycles per seco..
Funky Drummer programmable drum machine kit
A programmable drum machine that uses light sensors as touch pads. Every MadLab kit includes a profe..
Funky Guitar - synthesiser kit
A guitar synthesiser that plays notes over 5 octaves (the 12 notes in one octave at a time), in four..
Junior Theremin Electronic Kit
A version of the classic early electronic musical instrument - the first synthesiser in the world. A..
Lie Detector electronics Kit
This circuit is based on the fact that a person's skin resistance changes when they sweat (sweating ..
Micro badge Electronics Kit
The Micro badge kit is a wearable electronic badge that displays a moving message. Clip pin for atta..
Robotto-san robot badge Kit with eyes that flash
A cute little robot badge with eyes that flash.  The MadLab electronics range is divided into ..
Stop Thief Electronics Kit
 A light-activated burglar alarm. Protect your possessions by hiding Stop Thief! in your bag or..