JOYO JF-306 Rushing Train Amp Sim Ironman Mini Guitar Effects Pedal

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JOYO JF-306 Rushing Train Amp Sim Ironman Mini Guitar Effects Pedal

The JOYO JF-306 Rushing Train is a miniaturised version of our AC Tone. The Rushing Train is designed to emulate the tones of one of the most revered amps in History, the Vox AC-30. It does this marvellously, wether you are wanting the chimey cleans or the magnificently rich overdrive you get when turning an AC-30 up full, the Rushing Train delivers. As an overdrive pedal the Rushing Train really shines. It is a brilliant pedal that can go from the slightest hints of an amp just starting to clip to a harmonic laden heavy overdrive that never looses clarity.

Compared to the AC Tone the Rushing Train is similair tonally but there a few quite important differences. The most obvious is when the pedals are cranked up fully on the voice and drive controls and the tone controls are all set to noon. You will notice that the Rushing Train is quieter and has less hiss than the AC Tone. This is especially useful when using the pedal as an overdrive as it means that your amp will remain nice and quiet as there is very little noise produced by the pedal.

The Rushing Train also has slightly more gain on tap than the AC Tone, not by much but enough for it to be noticeable. It never turns into a 'distortion' pedal it most definitely remains an overdrive pedal but it has a little bit more gain there and it feels a little 'tighter' than the AC Tone but again not by much. The extra bit of gain and tightness means you can coax a few extra pinch harmonics out of your guitar and a little bit more sustain and who doesn't want that!!!

The Rushing Train amp simulator brings classic Liverpool sounds to life in a very small package. Clean sounds with a bit of bite are simple to dial in as singing leads and crips rhythms. The tone will lift any mix easily. Use it direct into your audio interface or infront of an amp to create those classic tones. High Mid clean piercing sounds, a great versatile amp simulator to offer lead guitarists.


Drive / Gain
Mid Boost


True By Pass
Input Impedance: 1m
Output Impedance: 10k
Running Current: 25mA
Power: DC 9V negative polarity adapter, not supplied.

Dimensions :

7.3cm long
4.3cm wide
5 cm tall.

Weight : 220g

Here is an in depth educational demo from for the RUSHING TRAIN Amp Simulator Pedal from Joyo.You will hear it recorded directly in the audio interface as well as in front of a tube amp and directly into the power amp section. You can hear it in a track to hear it in context. Great pedal, very small and at an affordable price.!


Joyo Rushing Train Vox Night Train Amp Simulator Pedal

Joyo Rushing Train Vox Night Train Amp Simulator Pedal

Joyo Rushing Train

Joyo Rushing Train

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