JOYO JF-319 Green Legend Overdrive Mini Guitar Effect Pedal

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JOYO JF-319 Green Legend Overdrive Mini Guitar Effect Pedal

JOYO JF-319 Green Legend Overdrive packs the classic TS circuit in a very small pedal.

We packed a photoelectric tube overdrive channel that sounds warm and natural into a tiny pedal. Its Green too, use it to push your amp into vintage territory, send it into the classic vintage overdrive tones. When connected to a tube amp, this pedal will push it and overdrive a clean sound or push your drive sound into crazy territory. Of course we added True Bypass to minimize tone loss, that's sort of standard.

The Green Legend is a tiny take on our JF-01 Vintage Overdrive, it uses the same chip as the JF-01 and another rather famous Green Overdrive pedal! The compact size of the Green Legend means it will fit happily on anyones cramped pedal board to give you a fantastic low gain overdrive when used with a clean amp, or to give you massive amounts of sustain and overdrive when used with a valve amp that's just started to break up. Either way it's a must have on most guitarist's boards.

With single coils the Green Legend can easily launch you into a blues rock world. Set the gain high and use the volume control on your guitar to go from nice and jangly clean with it wound down to full on screaming solo with your volume wound up full. That's one of the great things about the Green Legend it lets you use the volume control on your guitar to control how much gain you want. That's a sign of a truly great pedal.

With Humbuckers the Green Legend lets you go into full 70's Rock Mode. Blaze away with some great overdrive sounds that will blow you away. Or you can do some great heavy-blues rock ala Gary Moore by using the Green Legend. It will help you get that amazingly creamy, edgey, sustain filled tone. The Green Legend also stacks amazingly with other pedals, try it, you won't be dissapointed!

The Green Legend is also beoming a favourite amongst the 'metal' community as they're using it to help tighten their sound up by putting it infront of either their amps or another distortion pedal. Then when they kick the Green Legend on it's helping to tighten and fatten their sound. Whether they're using it for solo's or for those really heavy riffs they're loving it as the Green Legends are starting to fly out.

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