JOYO JF-309 Boogie Master Amp Sim Ironman Mini Guitar Effects Pedal

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JOYO JF-309 Boogie Master Amp Sim Ironman Mini Guitar Effects Pedal

The JOYO JF-309 Boogie Master is a miniaturised version of our JF-15 California Sound. It aims to emualate the overall tone of some of the earlier 'Boogie' style amps. The Boogie Master won't get you the searing high gain tones of a modern 'Double' or 'Triple' style amp but it will give you plenty of the sweet creamy sustain of the original Mark 1's & 2's.

The Boogie Master is best used as an overdrive pedal and reacts brilliantly to single coil pickups. It works so well with single coil pickups as it helps to beef them up a little bit as the Boogie Master is quite a 'thick' sounding pedal. That;s not to say it doesn't work well with humbuckers. With humbuckers you get a really rich sustain and a really creamy overdrive. With the drive and voice controls at about 2 'o' clock you have instant Santana-esque tones. Not the easiest tone to achieve normally but with the Boogie Master, you'll beachieveing those Supernatural tones so Smoothly!

Like the California Sound the Boogie Master is capable of producing a really nice warm clean tone by winding the drive down to about 9 'o' clock and turning the voice to 1 'o' clock then turning the volume up to suit. This is great for when you want to give certain songs a bit of a diffrernt clean tone to what you'd normally have just from your amp.

The Boogie Master is also brilliant on bass just like the California Sound. Thanks to it's prominent low end and low mids the Boogie Master really suits bass giving you a plethora of great drive tones or giving you an amzingly thick clean bass tone!

The JOYO JF 309 Boogie Master Amp Simulator brings you modern rock and metal sounds reminiscent of leading companies in the field. The sound is always fat and huge. Whether you play almost on clean or full on metal distortion, this tiny pedal can break down walls. Use it direct into a mixing console, audio interface or in front of an amp, the Boogie Master may be tiny but packs a massive sound.


Mid Boost


True By Pass
Input Impedance: 1m
Output Impedance: 10k
Running Current: 25mA
Power: DC 9V negative polarity adapter, not supplied.

Dimensions :

7.3cm long
4.3cm wide
5 cm tall.

Weight : 220g

Joyo JF-309 Boogie Master

Shane at intheblues showing how you can use the Boogie Master as a direct recording device.

Joyo JF-309 Boogie Master

A nice quick one from Henning! EytschPi42

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