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This pedal is a must for anyone wanting to play rock or anything heavier. It's a...
Robert Hooles on 05/07/2016
Great! Thanks
Dominique Mouazé on 05/11/2018
Had a JF-10 Dyna Compressor first, not bad but when I read about this pedal and ...
David Hunter on 10/07/2016
Excellent pedal, built like a tank. Nice smooth sweep on the pots with a very us...
Adam on 16/07/2017
Crikey! This is an awesome little pedal!I'm using mine straight into a pa syst...
RichMcG on 06/07/2016
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MadLab Electronic Kits

MadLab Electronic Kits

As part of our local education package we now also offer a large range of interactive electronic kits. The kits are now available from JOYO Audio UK, perfect for budding techies to make at home, at school or as a project in the shed..JOYO audio UK have partnered up with the mad scientists of Mad Labs Edinburgh and bring to you a range of electronics kits that will enable you to make some interactive electronic instruments of your own.

The MadLab electronics range is divided into beginners kits which are suitable for people with only a little practice at soldering, medium kits which require a higher level of soldering skill for people who are more experienced, and advanced kits for expert constructors and crazy experimental musician circuit benders.

Every MadLab kit includes a professionally-manufactured printed circuit board, quality electronic components and full assembly instructions. (Think IKEA - Airfix!)

To build a MadLab kit you will need some basic tools. You'll need a soldering iron with a fine tip, some solder, a pair of wire cutters, and most importantly some safety goggles. You might also find if useful to have a solder sucker. This is indispensible if you make a mistake and need to unsolder a component.

MadLab is a unique, hands-on electronics kit, perfect for those interested in electronics & music technology. The kits we have all specialise in making noise, that you can make.. Put yourself in our JOYO shoes... You solder electronic components onto specially-designed circuit boards and make it yourself. The excitement of MadLab is learning how to use a soldering iron, gaining an understanding of electrical components, and actually being able to make a gizmo all by yourself, with the aim of making some kind of musical instrument or a working electronic circuit to impress..

MadLab is part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival, which is a forum for science events within a festival atmosphere. MadLab was formed more than ten years ago and during its existence has grown from a tiny workshop to a major event staged for science festivals around Europe and beyond (as far as Australia in fact). In this period over 75 000 MadLab kits have been built in more than a dozen countries. It has featured on the BBC's "Blue Peter" and "Newsround" programmes, on national and international radio stations, and appeared in newspapers and popular science magazines.

As electronics enthusiasts ourselves, we think the MadLab kits offer a fantastic hands on experience in constructing electronics. Who knows, you could make the next JOYO, Moog fatty, Korg Ms20 or Roland hover synth. A mixture of flashing lights and noises will give you the bug.

Our hand selected kits attract a very broad range of people in terms of age, ability and social background. For most, this is the first opportunity to construct an electronic gadget. MadLab and the Edinburgh International Science Festival aim to broaden the exposure of people of all ages to interactive electronics and it is a scheme that JOYO audio UK fully endorse.

Making music, making noise, make it yourself..

Lie Detector - catch your friends out if they're lying by measuring how sweaty they are
Stop Thief - guard your possessions with this light-activated alarm

Robotto-san (Mr. Robot) - a cute little badge with flashing eyes
Micro Marquee - a badge that displays a scrolling message

Electronic Bagpipes - this electronic version "sounds just as bad as the real thing"
Junior Theremin - a musical instrument you play without touching
Funky Guitar - a synthesiser in the shape of a guitar
Bleep-o-tron - a programmable digital synthesiser with MIDI
Funky Drummer - a programmable drum machine with 40 drum sounds

coming soon - circuit bender...

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Bleep-o-tron synthesiser kit Enquire Now
A sound synthesiser using a dsPIC digital signal processor. Every MadLab kit includes a professiona..
Electronic Bagpipes - 8 tones Enquire Now
The Bagpipes Kit is capable of producing eight different tones from about 5kHz (5000 cycles per seco..
A programmable drum machine that uses light sensors as touch pads. Every MadLab kit includes a profe..
A guitar synthesiser that plays notes over 5 octaves (the 12 notes in one octave at a time), in four..
Junior Theremin Electronic Kit Enquire Now
A version of the classic early electronic musical instrument - the first synthesiser in the world. A..
This circuit is based on the fact that a person's skin resistance changes when they sweat (sweating ..
The Micro badge kit is a wearable electronic badge that displays a moving message. Clip pin for atta..
A cute little robot badge with eyes that flash. The MadLab electronics range is divided into ..
 A light-activated burglar alarm. Protect your possessions by hiding Stop Thief! in your bag or..
A 4 piece soldering Iron set. This soldering set is great for electronic hobbyists looking to make o..