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LIke most home users I sometimes struggle to get the tone I am looking for when ...
Eoin Jennings on 12/07/2016
Great sound - just what I need, and brilliant value. The only problem I've exper...
Si Wilkins on 06/07/2016
The 'British' is an amp simulator, meant to enable you to produce the sound of a...
andy butler on 05/07/2016
This is a great pedal,it sounds great,it is amazingly versatile and incredible ...
william legg on 05/07/2016
I use this power supply to power 11 pedals , with output 8- 500ma supplying a tu...
Mr J.K.underwood on 05/07/2016
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Repairs & Services

Repairs & Services

We have our own in house guitar expert & geek to help you in maintaining your musical instrument. We will happily carry out any kind of basic maintenance for you, tuning and servicing of your guitar. From a quick tune up, a string change or setting the action, replacing electrics, pickups, or maybe sorting out a silent electric / base guitar.

Tune up.

We are experienced in working with all types of instruments, ukuleles, violins, banjos, acoustic guitars & more. We can source all the parts right here, so there is no need leave your guitar unloved.

Nothing can phaser us..

As part of our local music shop initiative we are here to give you a hand if you need it, we are here to help and to ensure you get the most from your instrument.

Drop in.Guitar Tuning

We undertake the majority of maintenance right here in our store, just call in, give us a call and speak to us in person to discuss exactly what the problem may be, feel free to bring your instrument in and let us take a look with you.

With regard to the cost, the overall price may vary depending on the job, the following are some recent examples of services we have done:

Tuning - bring in your instrument and we will show you how to do it

Guitar Parts

Restring - If you need some new strings, we charge £10 & then the cost of the strings. We are happy to show you how to do it.
Restring, clean & full service - All of the above £25.00

Maintenance - We will order parts as needed and replace them having agreed with you an estimate. Our labour is £10 per hour.

Ask us to replace any of these parts and we will...

battery clips and holders
control plates
electric guitar bridge parts
electric guitar bridges
electric guitar pickups
frets and fret wire
guitar tailpieces
jack outputs
jack plates
lacquer and paint
locking/roller nuts


machine head bushings
machine head pegs
machine heads for acoustic/electric guitar
neck plates and neck ferrules
pickguard brackets
pickguard material sheets
pickup mounting parts
pickup parts
potentiometer mounting materials
screws, bolts and springs
side dots and fingerboard inlay
strap buttons and strap locks
string retainers and ferrules
switch caps and knobs
switches and switch plates
tailpiece parts
tremolo parts
truss rod covers
truss rods and truss rod parts
wire and cable