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Great little overdrive for pushing my 'hot' bass solos (not my words, honest). T...
Logan M on 06/07/2016
I bought D-SEED 2 years ago because I wanted delay, and as this delay is offerin...
Filip on 05/07/2016
This Space Verb is a beauty!The tiny size of it leaves great for room on my ...
Justin Bradford on 05/07/2016
Excellent pedal, built like a tank. Nice smooth sweep on the pots with a very us...
Adam on 16/07/2017
I've had a PXL Live for some time now and I've nothing but good things to say ab...
Glenn Mayo on 05/07/2016
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Pedal News

About JOYO Effect Pedals

The website is the official online retail store from JOYO AUDIO UK Limited. UK distributor of JOYO guitar effects and accessories. We are based in Manchester and have a new showroom in Walkden town centre.. We are branching out, in Feb 2017 we opened a small music shop servicing our local musicians and community..

We are here to provide you with the opportunity to not just buy JOYO products and receive the aftersales support that you would expect from an independent brand and business. We also stock a range of affordable quality musical instruments & accessories that we know will set you up on your music journey, without anything to fear.. We also offer advice, support and even repair services for those in need. If we dont have it, we will soon get it..

This website ensures that customers online, know that they can buy direct from JOYO Audio UK with 100% confidence, even call and visit us in person..

JOYO Audio UK are the UK distributors of JOYO Technology, our products are to be found in music shops dotted throughout the UK. We believe that the indie UK music shops, are the real music industry. In the UK it is where you, as a musician will receive the very best in pre and post sales support for anything.

Many of our independent stores will let you try before you buy, they will all be happy to advise you... If you fancy trying out a JOYO pedal or JOYO AMP for yourself you will find JOYO effect pedal retailers on our JOYO trade website.

If you are in the Manchester area, please visit us and say hello.. Our showroom and local music shop is currently open in the week, weekend opening very soon !

Who are the people behind joyoeffectpedals then...??

Dave Grant

David Grant - JOYO Guitar Effect PedalsI live in Worsley, Salford Manchester, I am a dad of 2 girls, husband to 1 (below), walker of 2 Whippets, an 80s synth and effects nerd, musician? (I call it art!). Im a vegetarian, a bit of a geek, fair and straight talking, a business analyst by lack of a profession, now a local business owner, proud to be of service to the local music community.. Previously I was a web designer, a software & product developer.

I'm a long term golden musical business strategist & friend of JOYO Technology in China and as time goes on, we are growing & learning. Most of all we continue to enjoy what we do with a passion. Making strange noises and enjoying it.

I have many people to thank who support us in many different ways. Those most important to JOYO Audio UK & to me personally, are the ones below.


Elizabeth Finlow - Operations Director

JOYO Audio UK Limited

The organised one.. basically Liz tells Dave what to do and what not to do, when to do it. (so she thinks)..
You will also find her next door in The Party Company..



Lewis Thompson
JOYO Audio UK Sales & Tech support

The one with lots of hair, he is gifted and knowledgeable.
Time on his hands to be gigging with the JOYO by night and gigging by day at work..



Andy Walker
JOYO Audio UK Sales
Andy is an old friend who gave me lots of encouragement during the early stages of the business.
He paints and plays guitar on the beach and gives Dave random pep talks that he really appreciates :)

Matt Bolter

With over 25 years experience of playing live music he said. "Like me, I guess most guitarists love to experiment with their sound. Though most of us don't have the money to buy pedal after pedal in the search for our own holy grail. This is where JOYO comes in, quality pedals and accessories at low prices so you can experiment without breaking the bank" Matt B.


and not forgetting  !!!

Trevor (on accounts), Beth (on emails) & Claire (on the phone) who did not want a picture here, but they are in our JOYO UK Manchester offices !


our friends at JOYO Technology in China.


our online friends who post kind things about JOYO pedals in the forums and on facebook, instagram, twitter and places like that..

thanks for supporting the JOYO and most of all buying it in the UK..