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As good a sound, as pedals costing four times as much. I like this pedal for it...
Mr J K Underwood on 05/07/2016
This is a great pedal,it sounds great,it is amazingly versatile and incredible ...
william legg on 05/07/2016
I use this power supply to power 11 pedals , with output 8- 500ma supplying a tu...
Mr J.K.underwood on 05/07/2016
This is the first looper pedal I have owned so I'm still getting to know how to ...
Matt on 14/01/2019
I've had a PXL Live for some time now and I've nothing but good things to say ab...
Glenn Mayo on 05/07/2016
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JOYO Cab Box IR Loader Software Download
JOYO Cab Box IR Loader Software DownloadPosted on 22 January 2019 | Added in JOYO Product Manuals The JOYO CAB BOX is a guitar amp simulator, a guitar effect pedal that allows full configuration of vintage and modern amps. You can configure the power amp, Cab simulations, Microphone type and distance, EQ, midi control and loading & editing of 3rd party IR files. Here you can download the software and instructions for managing your Cab Box with the JOYO Software on Mac, or PC.JOYO CAB Box PC Software JOYO CAB Box MAC SoftwareInstructions.PDF 5.8mbThe Cab ..
New JOYO R Series Guitar Effect Pedals
The New R series of pedals from JOYO are the 4th generation of guitar effects by JOYO Technology and will be released in the late part of 2018. We have been busy trying out the prototypes and have put together a brief outline of what is on the horizon. What does the R in 'R series' stand for ? It stands for 'Revolution Series', a name JOYO UK were given in the UK music press for the way in which we offered affordable quality products without compromising on tone or functionality, embracing a change in brand opinion and a challenge to the norm. The name represents our united belief..
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North West Guitar Show - JOYO Audio UK
Now in its 21st successful year, the UK’s longest established guitar show, the North West Guitar Show, JOYO Audio UK return to its most popular venue yet at Haydock Park Racecourse Exhibition Centre on Sunday 20th May 2018 from 10am to 4.30pm. Come and try the JOYO guitar effects & amplifiers out in person, have a go on our demo pedalboards and check out the latest JOYO products on show ! A great opportunity to see & hear what JOYO is upto in the UK. Always a great event catching up with old friends and making new. A great opportunity for retailers to also check out the ge..
Guide - How to power your guitar effects and pedal board
There are a number of ways to power your guitar effects and choosing which method you use can make a difference to your board. Making sure you have the right supply will ensure if they come on, prevent them from getting damaged, or become noisy.  BatteriesPedals are made of electronics, so the power you use ensures that they stay on when you need them. Whilst the 1st series, 2nd series of JOYO pedals and DrJ pedals all can be powered with a 9v battery, this is not the best option to power a board, it is primarily convenient. Your pedal board will only sound as good as your cheape..
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Guide - What do Guitar Effect Pedals do?
You may have heard some of these pedal types banded about, but want to know a little more what they sound like. Joyo has a huge range of guitar effects that cover a wide range of guitar effect types. So we thought we would give you a brief explanation of what the effects are, what these types of effect pedals mean and what they might just do for your guitar tone. If guitarists all had the same pedals on the same settings, we would all sound the same, so there is no right, no wrong, no ultimate pedal, the result of tone is subjective, a personal quest. You are the one who decides i..
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JOYO Audio UK at The North East Guitar Show 2018
 THE NORTH EAST GUITAR SHOW 2018For our first show of 2018, come and see JOYO at The North East Guitar Show where we return to the superb, purpose-built event complex at Rainton Meadows Arena, Mercantile Rd, Houghton-le-Spring DH4 5PH, and will be on Sunday 18th March from 10am to 4.00pm.With us we will every JOYO & DrJ guitar effect pedal, guitar amplifier, power supply and accessory available on the day. Check the gear out in person on our demo boards.This prestige and spacious location is close to all the North East major routes, provides superb facilities, excellen..
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JOYO Audio Guitar Effects Showroom & Local music Shop
JOYO Audio UK have branched out, not only do we continue to distribute our affordable guitar & audio effects around the UK, across Europe and beyond, we opened a little local music shop right in the middle of Walkden Town Centre, a suburb of Salford, Manchester England in Feb 2017 (our home town!) to support our local music community..In addition to showcasing our JOYO effect pedals in our showroom, we also carry a number of musical instruments & accessories that we personally select, all of our instruments are new, affordable and perfect for starting out on y..
New JOYO Bee Stock Category
We are very pleased to launch our JOYO Bee stock category online. So far It really has Been very popular!Nothing wrong with these effects, maybe a crumpled box, or a scratched knob (Yikes!), no complaints at these savings!.. We test every pedal that we list here & they all work, either Dave or Lewis will have had a good old test of it in our showroom. It is hard 'work' testing them, but we have a shelf to clear, so please bookmark this page, grab a bargain, visit often & help us tidy up our messy stock room.The term New B-Stock is fairly open ended in the sense that it covers items..
Joyo Audio UK Guitar Effects North West Guitar Show Haydock Park 2017
Celebrating the 20th successful year of the UK's longest established guitar show, the North West Guitar Show, returns to its most popular venue yet at Haydock Park Racecourse Exhibition Centre on Sunday 14th May 2017 from 10am to 4.30pm. Come and try out all of the JOYO effects in person on our demo boards to try before you buy.   Last year was a great day, an absolute must for anyone interested in music, a great buzz. This year's show will be the biggest yet with more than 120 dealers and exhibitors with products to sell in four large exhibition halls. The UK's biggest one day guitar s..
JOYO Pedals @ The South of England Guitar show 23rd October 2016
JOYO Audio UK - Guitar Effect Pedals are looking forward to being at the first South of England Guitar show this Sunday.Kempton Park Racecourse Staines Road East, Sunbury on Thames TW16 5AQThe guys from JOYO Audio UK are looking forward to driving down the M6 in the JOYO van and hooking you up with some pedals and tone!We have some double exciting NEWS, we WILL have 2 new #Amps to show for the first time in the UK, you must come and see them and every pedal JOYO has.. More than you will think and lots more pedal than you bargain for. We are looking forward to bringing our North..
Visit JOYO at the Manchester Mojo Guitar Show 2016
On Sunday 16th October JOYO guitar effects are back on home turf @  the Manchester Mojo Guitar Show 2016Come along and be in with a chance to Win a pedal in our JOYO guitar effect pedal giveaway.Get hands on and twiddle with everything JOYO guitar effect pedal related on our stand, loads of fantastic guitar gear on offer from dealers & guitar shops from all over the UK..Put it in the diary! See you thereFree Parking, George Carnell Leisure Centre, Kingsway Park, Urmston, Manchester M41 7FJ  ..
All about the Fuzz.
The Fuzz guitar effect was the first effect to ever be made into a ‘pedal’ form for guitarists. The sound, or what we recognise as the fuzz tone has been around for over 50 years, but is still one of the most used effects today. Through the years some people have altered and tweaked the early fuzz circuits into massively different effects while others have maintained the original circuits whilst shrinking them into smaller enclosures.For a long time guitarists had been trying to get their amps to distort by either turning them up or by poking/ripping holes in the cones of their amps speake..
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Visit JOYO Pedals at Leeds & Bradford Guitar Show
Sunday 25th September 2016 ! Visit JOYO audio UK at THE LEEDS BRADFORD GUITAR SHOW, 10am to 4.00pm. Lewis & Ryan will be in full effect on the JOYO stand and looking forward to meeting with effects enthusiasts in the area.This is the biggest #guitar event in the region and is a rare opportunity to buy new #guitareffects and accessories at some special JOYO guitar show prices.We are also taking a selection of our B stock JOYO & PXL, nothing wrong with them, a squashed box, or instructions missing.. So if you are looking for something good as new, we have all budgets covered.. Tr..
Win JOYO Pedals at The Cumbria Guitar Show
This Weekend Sunday 28th August you could win one of these JOYO pedals in a FREE prize draw at this years Cumbria Guitar Show..Unfortunately we can't make it in person this year, but that shouldnt stop you going and having a great day out.Its on from 10am-4pm and you will find new, used & vintage guitars, great show deals on guitars and all accessories throughout the day, there will also be performances from some of the U.K's top guitarists. Don't miss one of the North's best Guitar Shows.There’s a host of guitar players to see, including the Brian Rawson Band who will be appea..
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Visit JOYO Audio UK at The 2016 Leeds Bradford Guitar Show September 25th
Visit JOYO Audio UK at The 2016 Leeds Bradford Guitar Show September 25thNow in its tenth year, the show will once again take place at Pudsey Civic Hall, Dawsons Corner, Pudsey, LS28 5TA on Sunday, September 25th 2016 from 10am to 4pm.Visitors can buy, sell and trade new, used and vintage guitars, amps, effects and accessories at bargain prices.This is our second year at the show, on the JOYO stand this year come and try out new JOYO pedal boards, lots of guitar effects for you to try in person. As much as we would like everyone to shred away on the day on a massive loud amp, our a..
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PXL LIVE - MIDI Instructions Program Save Midi Trigger
MIDI SetupIn the PXL-Live’s MIDI setup you have the menu options MA and MB (showing the display as NA and NB, the letter n is displayed as a lower case letter, the upper case N us supposed to me an M).MA sends 2 separate MIDI messages when engaging the preset.MB sends 2 separate MIDI messages when putting the preset in BYPASSFor either MA or MB the menu options E1/A1/C1/n1 are controlling the FIRST message that is being sent, which can be either a program change of a continuous controller. E2/A2/C2/n2 set up the second message which can also be a PC or CC.MIDI ChannelsY..
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Check out the latest from JOYO Audio on our Facebook Page... :) (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//"; fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk'));JOYO Audio UK - Guitar Effect Pedals..
PXL LIVE - Main Menu Options
The PXL Live main menu options are:EH      Editing of the HIGH Loops, also known as Loop 2, or, if you are counting from 1-8, EH will edit loops 5-8.EL       Editing of the LOW Loops, also known as Loop 1, or, Loops 1-4 (from right to left on the PXL-Live)ET       Editing of the behavior of the two trigger outputs when selecting a preset.EB      Editing of the behavior of the two trigger outputs when switching the selected preset into BYPASSEM    ..
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PXL LIVE - Controller MIDI Functions
PXL LIVE - Controller MIDI Functions:The acronym MIDI stands for MUSICAL INSTRUMENT DIGITAL INTERFACE and was invented in 1983 to enable synthesizers to communicate with each other. Since then the MIDI language really hasn’t changed and is still a very effective way to have devices communicate with each other. MIDI has many more uses than just sending messages between keyboards and guitar gear. Mix Consoles use MIDI to store and control automation. Lighting systems also communicate via MIDI as well as many other devices that have adopted this language.MIDI is an 8 bit language, which b..
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4 NEW JOYO Dr.J pedals - now in store
The Dr.J D-59 Lancelot Distortion guitar effect pedal is a screamer ! Bringing back memories of some Classic Distortion..With Mosfet and Diode clipping and a boost to drive before or after the distortion, or even on its own.. A really powerful pedal and perhaps one of the most versatile effects, the switches and boost make it a well used pedal on any board. Check out the Dr.J D-59 Lancelot Distortion Mosfet Diode Boost Guitar Effect Pedal in store now only £64.95 The Dr.J D-60 Green Emerald Overdrive provides you with a creamy vintage overdrive sounds with Mos..
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Introducing The JOYO Audio Affiliate ProgramWhat is it?More than 150 products can now be purchased directly online via our new JOYO Audio retail website . The affiliate program includes every pedal, power supply & PXL. We provide worldwide delivery, so there is no limitation on where you are based, or who your audience may be.For any purchase made on we will reward our JOYO affiliate users with commission from JOYO sales! That even applies to your own purchases!How do i become an affiliate?Just register as an affiliate partner and reco..
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Leave JOYO a Review and Win !
If you are using a JOYO pedal or product, then let us know what you think of it. Leave a quick review of your JOYO on the relevant product page & be in with a chance to win something new!It would mean a lot to us and JOYO users, if you can spend just 2 minutes and share your view of your purchase. The more reviews we share, the better informed our customers will be, lets hear what real customers, you think.A star or a comment from you would be a great contribution to our new site and we would really value your opinion here! To show our thanks, for your past JOYO custom &a..
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JOYO Pedals - Effect Types
JOYO have a large number of pedals, many types, sizes and variations. JOYO pedals are supplied in the following categories, or effect types across all of the pedals.Check out all of the Guitar Effect Pedals we have for sale in the following categories of effects pedal.- Pedal Power Supplies - Acoustic Guitar Effects - Compressor - Delay & Reverb - Distortion - Pedal Controllers - Modulation Effects - Multi Effects - Noise Gates - Wah & Filter - Overdrive Effect Pedals - Fuzz - Amplifier Simulation - Bass Effects - Chorus - Equalisation EQ - Volume & Expressi..
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Win a JOYO Husky Overdrive Pedal !
Be in with a chance to #WIN a JOYO Husky Drive Guitar Effect Pedal !Just sign up to the JOYOeffectpedals newsletter, the box is on left on most pages.and wait for the news !Our Newsletter contains, JOYO pedal news, pedal bargains, JOYO music, JOYO effect users, JOYO bands & competitions. Our Next edition could feature you !Sign up and WIN the award winning JOYO Husky Overdrive guitar effect pedal from JOYO audio UK. !! The UK RRP £49.99 inc VAT !   CLOSING DATE - 1ST AUGUST 2016The JOYO Husky Drive was voted 4th best pedal in 2015 by readers of
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JOYO Overdrive pedals
Overdrive pedals from JOYO give you the sound of power amp distortion without any flabbyness right at your feet.From the full over driven tones of the classic TS vintage overdrives to ground breaking mini pedals generating huge power JOYO Overdrive pedals have it covered. Check out all of the JOYO Overdrive pedals, especially the JOYO Husky drive. It's the most popular & versatile mini overdrive pedal for a reason. It will give you the fatness and overdrive of a huge power amp at full blast. Voted a Best Buy with 5 stars by Total Guitar Magazine... and was awarded 4th best guitar peda..
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Welcome to the NEW JOYO Effect Pedals Online Store !
Welcome to the new JOYO Audio UK retail website. We are very excited to be finally selling JOYO guitar accessories direct from Manchester England. Our trade website has been operating now for 2 years and more and more retailers are joining us ! Please check the JOYO family of retailers out. These UK music shops know their pedals and their music!We get the JOYO Pedals you want delivered to your board wherever you are, never go without a little JOYO.. Deliveries can be arranged both domestically in the UK and internationally, Europe & the USA. . We accept..
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