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Guide - What do Guitar Effect Pedals do?

Guide - What do Guitar Effect Pedals do?

You may have heard some of these pedal types banded about, but want to know a little more what they sound like. Joyo has a huge range of guitar effects that cover a wide range of guitar effect types. So we thought we would give you a brief explanation of what the effects are, what these types of effect pedals mean and what they might just do for your guitar tone.


If guitarists all had the same pedals on the same settings, we would all sound the same, so there is no right, no wrong, no ultimate pedal, the result of tone is subjective, a personal quest. You are the one who decides if the sound is right for you, let your ears guide you.


Guitar effects are made with electronics packed in metal boxes, they take an input from your guitar/instrument of choice and an output that goes to the amp. Typically effect pedals are powered by a battery but best performance is from a 9v power supply. You adjust the dials, activate them by stamping on them with your foot (this is where the name stompbox comes from) you stamp on the button and they come on.  Each pedal does something slightly different.


So if you are new to effects and not too sure where to begin, hopefully our brief guide to effects will help explain what these JOYO effects are and where to begin. We have demos on our JOYO effect pedal pages, so check them out, have a listen to them with some headphones on, check out the reviews, order online or visit your local music shop and they can hook you up in store.


So, when it comes to choosing pedals, think about what tone you want to achieve, hand pick your effects, think modular, break down the components of your sound, consider using more than one effect together to get the tone you want, most of all get them at the price you can afford.


In alphabetical order, these are the 'categories' of guitar effects you can get from JOYO, we have a lot of effect pedals, so if you need any help ask us here, DM us on facebook, in person in our showroom in Manchester or come and visit us at a guitar show in the UK.


Acoustic Guitar Effects

Acoustic guitarists are going to use some of the most subtle effects, like chorus, delay and reverb.Acoustic Guitar Effects However this doesn’t rule out everything else, you can use whatever you like, throw a distortion pedal on, and it will distort your sound. A 12 string guitar may benefit from some compression as it will even out the volume, all those strings. A looper is perhaps the greatest gift an acoustic guitarist could ask for. Check out the JOYO Acoustic Guitar Effects we think will work for you. »


Amplifier Simulation

The pedals we call Amp Sims, are amps in pedals, but without speakers. You can use them to push a clean amp into new territories or even plug the effect box straight into a recording device to record recreating the sound of a full blown amp. A JOYO amp simulator has the ability to be plugged straight into a mixing desk or a recording interface, turn up the gain adjust the EQ and you get a very close representation of an amp that could cost you 100 times more. Great for performance, recording and saving cash. We have amps that sound Fender-y, Vox-y, MesaBoogie-y, Orange-y & more..
The pedals have been used in recording studios, gigged & played by some of the best cover bands out there. »


Bass Effects

Again most guitar effects work well on bass. The most important difference you will need to be mindful of is with overdrive and distortion pedals. Most overdrives generally are aimed at guitarists so good for mids to high in the EQ, a bass overdrive really needs to cover the low frequencies.

So if you want a dirty distorted bass, look for a pedal that is going to get you the lows you want. If you want some modulation, everything else will do just great.  
We say try the DrJ sparrow for subtle tube amp Overdrives, the Californian, Orange Juice, all offer a little more dirt all with Direct Interface ability.  Get the Auto Wah for some funky expressive fun & a D Seed delay is a must.   »


ChorusChorus Effects

They make your guitar sound like 3 4 5 6 of you.It's one singer or a choir, a chorus does that to your guitar sound, it widens the sound and adds depth and modulation.  Working perfectly on acoustic, bass and electric, everyone should have a chorus, they fatten up your sound.. read more in  »


Compressor pedals

In brief compression pedals will attenuate, sustain or squash any signal peaks, that’s the noise you make when you strike the strings, unless you strike evenly the expression could highlight imperfections in your playing.
A compressor pedal will ensure your transmitted audio signal is within limits and controlled throughout. Added features to sustain the gain and the mix can make a huge difference to the overall tone. Compressor pedals


Delay & Reverb

Analog delays diffuse the guitar repeats into warm smooth delays, where the signal slowly degrades with each step. Digital delays offer versatility, providing crystal clear exact copies of the original signal, enabling precise delay time control.
Modulated delay will add a subtle chorus to the repeat. Filters emphasise or suppress frequencies in the guitar signal, resulting in a change to the tonal colour of the repeat.

A reverse delay found on the JOYO DSEED or the modulated echo on the DRJ shadow will give you something a little special in your repeat, visit worlds of shoegazey prog rock psychodelia. Delay & Reverb



Distortion guitar effects produce approximately the same amount of distortion at any volume, and its sound alterations are much more pronounced and intense as you adjust the gain. Adjust the amount of distortion you make to your signal and tweak it. Distortion is an instant effect, that will obliterate your guitar tone and will have the ability to take a clean signal to a dark place in a single stomp.

When going for a distortion listen out for lows, mids and the high end tones. The JOYO Ultimate Drive and Husky cover the lows, mids and highs really well, which might just explain why they are the best sellers. The DrJ Lancelot is our personal favourite as it allows you to boost signal, volume, tone and adjust the clipping with a flick of a switch. Distortion



Lows Mids and Highs, you can adjust your guitar tone with an EQ, making subtle tweaks to the harmonics. You can make a guitar sound very full (bass/lows) or very thin (highs), the mids cut through the middle. Equalisation



Fuzz & Distortion oftern get called Dirty, Fuzz is the dirtiest sound you can get on guitar. It means the original clean signal from your guitar has been destroyed into a big mess of an audio signal, blown to pieces to the extent that the signal is complete dirt. So from clean you get a dirty signal. Its not a sound for the feint hearted and a more subtle Fuzz can be achieved with the DrJ planes walker, the JOYO Purple Storm Fuzz and then the Voodoo Octave pedal will blow you away. Fuzz


Looper Pedal

Its not big, but it is clever. The JOYO Looper allows you to record upto 20 minutes of noodling, then unlimited overdubs. The LED screen will help you get your loops right on time. You can loop anything, put it at the end of your pedals to overdub different effects, great for jamming and for instant playback. »


Modulation Guitar Effects - Phaser (swoosh), Flanger (woosh), Tremolo.

Audio modulation is the process of varying one or more properties of a waveform, called the carrier signal, combining that with a modulating signal that typically contains information to be transmitted, mixed back together, you get different effects.

When you use modulation you can manipulate the original clean sound of your guitar in a number of unique ways. You will find that this guitar effect category will cover the sound effects of Phaser, Flanger, Tremolo, Vibrato and Chorus as they rely on the same principals of techno wizardry to achieve the resulting sound.

If you split the phase of a sound and mix that with the original you create a phased audio effect. The time of a sound using a delay and mix that with the original signal you create the flanger effect, a modulated volume will create tremolo and tweaking the frequency or pitch you create a vibrato effect (Thats what your guitar vibrato bar does, it is not a tremolo arm!). »


Noise Gates

Sometimes if the noise is getting in, it needs shutting out, you do that with a gate. What kind of noise? hiss mostly, or feedback, noises and signals you do not want to hear. Similar to a compressor, a noise gate is subtle, turn it up to adjust the threshold often caused by a lot of distortion.  »


Overdrive Effect Pedals

In the case of overdrive pedals, the intention is often twofold: either to provide a gain boost to “overdrive” a tube amp into distortion, or to approximate the mildly distorted but warmer sound of a slightly overdriven tube amp. »


Guitar Effect Pedal Controllers Pedal Controllers

When you got so many pedals, just how do you go about turning them all on and off at once, unless you have 8 legs or can tap dance like a boss, you might want to think about controlling the on/off with a single switch simple controller. The JOYO PXL pedal controllers remove the tap dancing element and do it for you. Pedals are cabled into the looper. The looper is programmed to turn off, or on pedals that are in loops. You save those settings.
After set up, one click of a controller can turn on many pedals, switch an amp channel, change a midi signal and best of all these settings are saved for gigs & performance.  »


Pedal Power Supplies

Power supplies for guitar pedals are most commonly 9V centre negative. The options of using a daisy Chain, like the flowers a string of power supply connectors are powered by a single source. Multi power supplies generally are filtered or Isolated, to filter out any unwanted noises from your electricity supply or from other pedals.

When you use a combination of pedals, then investing in decent power supply is a must, for that reason we say ditch the batteries and lots of single power supplies and at least get the noise filtered. Our power supplies come with all the cables, extension leads, polarity converters you will need. Guitar Pedal Power Supplies


Pedal Tuner

The most important of all, staying in tune, your guitar is not a piano it needs checking everytime you pick it up, its the best habit you can get. The JOYO pedal tuners allow you to hook up your guitar and stay in tune, we suggest it's the first thing you do. A bright LED screen and the ability to power other pedals make the pedal tuner one of the most important pedals you need on your guitar. The chromatic tuners will let you tune to your preferred key, standard, drop tuning or something unique to you. »


Volume & Expression

Volume and Expression, from a full buffer for your arsenal, a clean boost in volume, a little bit of extra sparkle to your tone. Give your signal a boost in the effect pedal chain. »


(Auto) Wah Pedal

A wah-wah pedal (or simply wah pedal) is a type of electric guitar effects pedal that alters the tone and frequencies of the guitar signal to create a distinctive sound, mimicking the human voice saying the onomatopoeic name "wah-wah".

An envelope filter or envelope follower is often referred to as an auto-wah. The mini JOYO guitar effect pedal Wow-Wah is an auto-wah with a wide range of sounds. It is extremely dynamic and great to kick in some very versatile funk & expressive filtering at your fingertips. A very funky modulating pedal, sounds great on bass too. »


Finally Check out the demos on our product pages !

Enjoy !

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Welcome to the JOYO Pedals Blog. You can find a whole lot of useful info here, feel free to ask us & comment. If you need any assistance with making your order, please contact us.

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